Landscape Maintenance Program

Plowboy Landscapes, Inc. provides both landscape construction and landscape maintenance services. Our maintenance service actually combines some construction work as part of our contract. We specialize in taking over jobs which need renovation, or are in poor condition, or are dissatisfactory for some reason. The following is a description of our services:

1. Plowboy employs a full time on-site employee, with their own equipment. We do not have crews going from site to site, mowing and blowing.

2. We are more interested in landscape horticulture, technology, design, and gardening than simply “cleaning-up”, although we do that too.

3. Our employees are on-site to perform any duties the customer may require, including some that are not gardening. We only ask that we have enough time to complete our regular gardening work.

4. Management is the key to good landscape maintenance. Therefore, we have a supervisor visit every site, every day. The supervisor instructs and directs the on-site employees.

5. Plowboy has a system of work orders and monthly inspections for each job site, by which we control our work. Owners or managers and gardeners, receive a written report each month.

6. Our contract is meant to be ‘all-inclusive’, without extra costs. All chemicals, landscape maintenance materials, and normal sprinkler repairs are included in the base price. You only pay extra for ‘irrigation mainline and electrical repairs, and tree work over 20’ high.

7. Plowboy will extend irrigation, renovate planters, plant new trees and shrubs, and do other projects at no additional labor costs. You only pay the wholesale cost of these new materials.

8. We like to do new planting projects on our jobs. If a site is not being improved, it is deteriorating.

9. We have a practical conservationist approach to our work. Landscaping should be centered around renewable, self-sustaining approaches to our environment. We are in search of the sustainable landscape.

10. Our services include:

Water Management

Reduced Chemical Use

Green Waste Management

Plant Selection

Integrated Pest Management (with beneficial insects)

Bacteriological Control

Plowboy Landscape, Inc. has been in business since 1976, and we plan to be here quite awhile longer. We are searching for long term maintenance customers. We put a lot of time and money into upgrading our landscape projects and we desire a continuing relationship with all our customers. We will work out the problems, for problems – always appear. To help with our work, we link a landscape architect to each job (at no extra cost to the owner).