Garden Maintenance Services

Plowboy Landscapes, Inc. specializes in large facility gardening from Agoura to Goleta. We provide full time on site gardeners, not just mow and blow crews. The gardeners work from 7:00 to 3:30 starting and stopping at the job site. Each site has its own equipment. Our supervisors are within 20 minutes of any site, and they monitor each site daily. Doug Wasson (The Boss) conducts monthly site inspections, with written monthly reports. We have a well organized system of purchase orders, job requests and paper trails.

Plowboy Landscapes, Inc. provides a full time on site gardener (40 hours per week) for $4,039 per month. We include no regular additional costs. This is all inclusive. You have paid for gardening, materials, sprinkler repair, fertilizer, sprays, etc. in the monthly fee. For larger jobs, 1 1/2 gardeners (60 hours per week) cost $6,059 per month, and 2 gardeners (80 hours per week) cost $8,078 per month. We make no money on extra work because we don’t charge for it.

In 2016, Plowboy Landscapes, Inc. is celebrating 40 years of creating and maintaining gardens. Douglas Wasson is the founder and the Boss. We have employees who have been with us over 20 years. We can provide long lists of awards and references. Basically, we cover Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties, with occasional work beyond. Please contact us today.

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