Landscape Construction Services

Plowboy Landscapes Inc. has 60-80 employees, who construct landscapes from West Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo. We have a construction superintendent and construction foremen who have worked for us for 25 years. We are looking to expand, and welcome work from any sector of the industry.

So, that means Plowboy builds landscapes for commercial projects, industrial projects, estate work, residential projects, revegetation projects, government and public works jobs, hotels, retirement homes, shopping centers and specialty jobs. We also provide budget bids for landscape architects and contractors.

After all this time, we have a pretty good idea of how to do the work and how to be competitive. We require designs by landscape architects for all our jobs. If you don’t have one, we’ll get one for you. We welcome the opportunity to budget your project and get in on the ground floor of the development.

Please read our references and awards and look at our pricing guide. This is a hands on business. When you choose us, you get me, Doug Wasson, owner and founder of Plowboy Landscapes Inc. I’m pretty good at evaluating projects, estimating costs and resolving the problems which always occur, and I like plants.

Landscape Construction Pricing

Landscape Construction References